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Right Vision, Right Mission, Right Action



Where people come together, laugh together, sing together, dance together and grow old together.


Some things are better together where happy endings begin. They came, they saw and returned.


Visit us for a moment and you will stay for a lifetime.



Our Ashram offers a traditional setting for your most sacred celebration.

Weekly Service

Ashram Service is held as below.

Sunday Mornings at 9:30am.

Pandits of Valmiki Ashram. 


  • Pt. Ramesh

  • Pt. Ishwar

  • Pt. Thakur

  • Pt. Krishna (India)


Additional services and Events will be announced at the Ashram and listed on the Events Page.

  • Pt. Charan

  • Pt. Basudeo

  • Pt Parasnauth

  • Pt. Shyam Narine

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President & Founder              Pt. Vishnu Prasaad Mishra

Pranaam. Welcome and thank you for visiting Valmiki Ashram online. We hope that our website highlights and reflects your home of worship, while extending the cultural experience our Ashram offers you. Read on and learn more about our Ashram as we welcome you to visit us for our regular Sunday Service and our Special events as we celebrate the Hindu calendar throughout the year.


Come and enjoy every moment amidst divine ambience and historical elegance. Where everything is together in one beautiful place and surroundings.


Valmiki Ashram has always been your home away from home, if  you are a first time visitor or regular devotee, we have welcomed the community for over 17 years and looking forward to continuing for many years to come.


Jai Shree Ram!



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