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Valmiki Ashram Services 


Valmiki Ashram is your Ashram for your life's most important and memorable events, we will ensure your event is a cultural and divine experience. In addition, we can provide Tassa / Kirtan group, photographer, catering, floral services for your special event. Contact Us for more information and to reserve the Ashram.  



Valmiki Ashram welcomes you to celebrate your special day with us, with kitchen facilities, capacity of up to 350 people with onsite parking and the warmth and love of our pandits and kirtan group while being adorned by our richly decorated alterplace.


Valmiki Ashram will ensure your special day is one to be remembered. We can also provide Tassa, photography services upon request in addition to other catering requests for your guests. 




Either for yourself or to honour someone else in your family Valmiki Ashram will host, welcome you and your guests for your special event. You will feel the vibrance of joy and spritiuality as you celeberate your special day with your family at our Ashram.  



Memorial Tributes


Valmiki Ashram is there to support you during your times of reflection in celebrating the live's of your loved ones. Our Ashram is available for memorial tributes, services and can assist with our Kirtan Group in addition to other specific requirements. 


Wake / Satsang


Valmiki Ashram is always ready to provide you with the care, compassion and support you need in the loss of a loved one in your family. Our Ashram is your Ashram and will stand by you in your time of need. We have assisted many by donating the Ashram at no cost in the past. Through our scriptures we will provide you with spiritual healing needed to help you and your family in your time of need. 


In addtion, we can provide our Kirtan Group and floral services if required for your Wake services at Valmiki Ashram. 




Cultural Teachings
Valmiki Ashram through the holy scriptures of "The Bhagavad Gita" and "The Ramayan" actively promote the listening, reading and reflection of our sacred writings. 
Through our weekly service, teachings, classes and cultural events ensuring the teachings of Hinduism is taught to both young and old, enhancing one's daily life. 




Valmiki Kids
Valmiki Ashram believes in instilling the values and teachings of Hinduism and our culture from a very young age. We promote this through various lessons that we teach at the Ashram and through our cultural events. Have your children join our youth group today and participate in Ashram events.

Educating our youths on religion through heritage classes and participation. 
•  Teaching of Hinduism and Theology
       • History/Drama/Art Classes
       • Hindi Language Classes
       • Traditional Instrument Classes
                  • Harmonium Lessons
                  • Tabla Lessons

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