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Father: Hansraj Prasaad Mishra

Hansraj Prasaad Mishra

50th Memorial Anniversary


This page is dedicated to our Father Hansraj Prasaad Mishra where we honoured his life and his soul by commemorating the 50th death anniversary since his passing. Valmiki Ashram held 3 sessions of Yagna June 14-16, 2013 that was attended by hundreds and was officiated by Pt. Anand Sukul (New York) with 11 other Pandits in attendance.


Born May 15th, 1927 and marrying our Mother Drooptee Prasaad Mishra in 1948 who will be celebrating her 84th birthday this year 2015. As a Father of 10, 5 brothers, and 5 sisters he became a prominent Entrepreneur, businessman at the tender age of 23 originating from Clonbrook, East Coast Demerara, Guyana.


Having owned several businesses to include grocery, liqueur store and being the single largest land proprietor in Clonbrook, ECD. He was also recognized as being a true philanthropist throughout the village helping everyone in a conscientious manner. He was recognized as being one of the most generous donors to the Clonbrook Mandir.


Hansraj P. Mishra at the young age of 25 hosted 2 Yagna's in Clonbrook Village, officiated by his Guru Pt. Ramphaire Tiwari from Canjie, Berbice.    


His short life was one that was not lived to the fullest; loved by his wife, children, extended family, friends, and villagers alike. His unjust passing was met with the racial riots, sadly murdered by a group of 20 individuals on July 3rd, 1963. 


Listen to this sentimental Bajan below as I immortalize the soul of our loving father. 






Mother: Drooptee Prasaad Mishra

"Still going sweet at the age of 84"

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