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About Pt. Vishnu P. Mishra


Pt. Vishnu embarked on his life journey aspiring to the peak of Hinduism of becoming a Pandit at the age of 14. Spurned by his inner calling he started his staid pursuit like a beggar hungry for a meal, so too he hungered for help and guidance. Pt. Vishnu persevered conducting his 1st Pooja at an early age while navigating a harsh, rough obstructive journey. As life may not have always appeared as it seemed, he was denounced and deprived…


A lost young boy searching for a divine light of guidance although with tears, trials and tragedy, he never gave up his unshakeable spiritual conviction. Continuing his baby steps with the soul of his Father's golden armour and crown of Mother's blessings.  Pt. Vishnu seized every source of available materials within newspaper clippings such as “Bhavan’s Journal” and “Hindu Tvam” which was the foundation, signalling a promising future.


As fate would yield Pt. Vishnu became fascinated with Dada-Jee Hari Om Sharan’s EP at Age 14 and that was the spark of inspiration that led him into singing. Without any musical training he was naturally talented although always modest as a ameatur musician of the Harmonium, Dholak, Accordion, Keyboard and other precision instruments like Dhantal, Kartal and Majera.


Pt. Vishnu learned basic Hindi, starting with his Mother and then through Uncle Baya who was teaching Hindi at Clonbrook Mandir. Although lost away at a very tender age as a little boy, he was full of zeal and readiness in a village where there was a lack of religious materials and necessary direction to succeed. 


Accompanied by his mother and nanny, they resorted to the field of Farming, with hard labour under the blazing sun forced by circumstances in everyday tasks and drudgery. Pt. Vishnu spent 6 years of his life gruelling with the hardships of farming prior to leaving for Canada, as one of the first siblings, breadwinners in holding the family unit together. He was recognized as the sovereignty of the family by the community he lived in. Hapless, helpless although not hopeless but full of passion and zest like a phoenix arising from the blazing fire...


Pt. Vishnu defied the odds accomplishing the required foundation for success during his teenage years. This would become his defining legacy as a self-made Pandit, Musician, Philosopher and Marriage Officer by the age of 19. 


By age 20, Pt. Vishnu along with his brotherly friend of the family, Shamsundar “Pinto” started two of the largest organizations in the village. Rama-Krishna Sabha and Latchmi Sabha. Shamsundar was the principle motivator to mobilize, recruit, youths that were waning from their religion and culture in the village. As the leader Pt. Vishnu led his congregation through adversity with the gallant support of Uncle Gopal and Auntie Golin along with Uncle Lakeram, Uncle Sham “Fatso” Uncle Harricharran, Uncle Sewcharran "Zupa", Auntie Kamal in addition to the countless numbers of  younger brothers and sisters.  


Pt. Vishnu and his congregation were barred from entering or attending Clonbrook Hindu Mandir, considering his father was one of the first pioneers in establishing the temple, this was an ironic fact. Certain figureheads at the Hindu Mandir were keen on suppressing Pt. Vishnu’s success of becoming an established and credible pandit. As such, Pt. Vishnu resorted to lead his following at the Clonbrook Cricket Ground to conduct monthly Full Moon Pooja's. The congregation was well supported by the generosity of many within the village. Noting there are too many names to mention, but they are and will be forever loved and remembered within his heart.


At age 25 Pt. Vishnu read his 1st Yagna at Clonbrook Cricket Ground for 7 days and 7 nights with 3 sessions daily and attended by almost 500-700 people during the day and 2,000 people nightly. His Yagna was met with a rapturous proclamation of success. Supported by 99% of various nationalities from both Clonbrook, surrounding areas and neighbouring villages. 


Pt. Vishnu migrated to Canada in July 1982 as a Minister of Religion and immediately continued on his divine path that he struggled with during his teenage years. Driven by an inward propelling ignition force over the next 16 years, Pt. Vishnu continued the cultural teachings of Hinduism within the community building a stronger following than ever before. He was recognized as one of the 1st pandits to consistently appear on various cultural TV shows and events within the community, Pt. Vishnu released his first Cassette in 1992 with an additional 19 CD’s to follow over the years moving with the advances of technology. 


As Pt. Vishnu’s following grew, so did his desire to create a home for them, an Ashram that would mirror the character of his Father’s legacy, It was soon enough realized March 1998. Pt. Vishnu was virtually triumphant as reflected through Valmiki Ashram in its character and ambiance.  He reproduced the inheritance of a legacy bequeathed to him by the crown jewel of the family Hansraj P. Mishra. Valmiki Ashram has been the focal point of continuum in pioneering his Father’s footsteps of preserving the heritage. Alongside the continued divine support and guidance of his Mother Drooptee Prasaad Mishra who is celebrating her 84th birthday this year.


Valmiki Ashram stands tall today celebrating its 18th Year, which may have been the subtle rays of light from a rainbow, an unaware blessing of his Father's soul…. 




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